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How to Attract Hummingbirds


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Assorted Styles

Assorted Styles



Hummingbirds are found in most habitats across North America, including backyards. There are eight major species that breed in North America.  Only one of these species, the Ruby-throat Hummingbird, lives in the Midwest and East. The male Ruby-throats have green heads with red throats.  The female Ruby-throats have clear white breasts, green backs and white tips to their outer tail feathers. Follow the Ruby-throat Spring migration at

Recommended Feeders

We recommend using the Wild Birds Unlimited High Perch Hummingbird
Feeder to attract the most hummingbirds to your yard. Designed to appeal to hummingbirds, this feeder allows them to hover or perch while feeding. It does not leak. Bees can’t access the nectar solution, and the built-in ant moat deters ants. The feeder is easy to clean, and the nectar solution recipe is printed under the lid. Lifetime guarantee.


Based on our standard feeder, the Wild Birds Unlimited Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder brings the birds in for closer views. Watch their tongues lap up the food, darting in and out of the nectar solution up to 12 times per second. It is the only window hummingbird feeder that contains an ant moat. Lifetime guarantee.

We offer assorted decorative glass or ceramic hummingbird feeders. They are beautiful for you and functional for the birds.

Recommended Items

Offer our Wild Birds Unlimited Nectar, or mix up your own water and sugar (4:1 ratio). Clean nectar feeders every two to four days; then fill with fresh nectar solution.

Use the Wild Birds Unlimited Nectar Port Brush to keep your feeder clean and presentable for hummingbirds.

Keep ants out of non-WBU nectar feeders with a Nectar Protector.

WBU Nectar

WBU Nectar

                       WBU Nectar Port Brush                   .


                    WBU Nectar Port Brush                          Ant Moat